The changing seasons of nature in Northern Lapland invite you to experience something completely new.

Hotel Kultahippu offer the opportunity to try different kinds of activities, all led by professional guides.
Choose the right combination of thrilling adventures to counterbalance the luxurious
relaxation provided by the hotel.

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Aurora Hunt By Car

Duration: 4 Hours

Going Aurora Hunting with our professional guide, you have the best chance to witness the Northern Lights. During the night we normally go to 2-3 different locations which are always chosen according to local weather conditions, the end depends on good luck. Includes warm drinks and snack.

Aurora sleigh ride

Duration: 3 Hours

Take a seat in the aurora sleigh! This is the best option if you do not wish to ride a snowmobile and rather sit in the comfort of a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile. Your guide tows the sleigh with a snowmobile through the snowy, moon and starlit landscape, all the way into the forest.

Snowmobiling adventure

Duration: 3 Hours

Once participants have had a short briefing on how to drive snowmobiles and have been provided with the necessary safety instruction, they will hit the gas and make the journey into the forests or frozen lakes of the Ivalo area.

Throughout your ride you’ll get to see beautiful natural landscapes covered by snow and during the break you’ll get a chance to warm yourself up with hot drinks and cookies as well as take awesome pictures.

Aurora snowmobiling

Duration: 3 Hours

Driving through the dark landscapes is an awesome experience itself but if the sky is clear and you are lucky, you can experience the beautiful show of northern lights, a star studded sky, mystical full moon or magical snowfall.

The guide is happy to help you with camera settings if you wish to take pictures.
Then it’ll be time for a bonfire, roasting sausages and drinking hot tea or berry juice. Good stories, a tasty snack and hot beverages are guaranteed, even if the Auroras would fail us tonight!

Moment with reindeers

Duration: 2 Hours

You will meet the reindeer herder and the reindeers.
Reindeers are in their natural environment, where you can feed and photograph them.

In the teepee, surrounded by reindeers, you can enjoy warm drinks by the open fire. Reindeer herder tell you Stories about seasonal reindeer herding and the reindeer life on the fells of Lapland.

You will also get to try how to throw a reindeer lasso, a traditional tool of reindeer herders.

Aurora reindeer experience

Duration: 2,5 Hours

You will meet the reindeer herder and the reindeers in the evening time.

If the sky is clear and you are lucky, there is a really good chance to see the northern lights above the fence. You can grab the reindeer harness under your arm and lie down on your back looking at the sky!
In the teepee, middle of reindeer fence, you will enjoy warm drinks by the open fire.

Listening stories about seasonal reindeer herding and the reindeer life on the fells of Lapland.

Altai ski try out

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Learn the basics of how to use Altai Skis (the next evolution of snowshoes).
Our guide will teach you shortly how to use Altai skis and then you take a small trip to the beautiful Ivalo River.

Altai skiing

Duration: 3 Hours

On this trek, we will head right into the snowy landscape, while telling you about life in Lapland. The forest is beautiful winter wonderland, and the silence is like nothing else in this world.
Including lunch at our hotel at the end of the excursion.

Ice fishing in lake Inari

Duration: 5 Hours

A snowmobile pulled sleigh and our guide will drive you to the best ice fishing locations on the Inari Lake. Perch and other freshwater fish are what you can expect luring under the ice. Full day activity including outdoor lunch and warm drinks.

Visit Sámi museum in Inari

Duration: 4 Hours

Our guide will take you to visit Sámi museum in Inari.
After visiting museum, we will stop on the biggest souvenir gift shop in Inari.
Sámi museum Siida is the main attraction from history to nowadays of Sámi culture, part of the museum is open-air museum.
Visiting in Sámi museum should be on everyone´s bucket list!

Husky Experience

Duration: 2,5 Hours

Feel the speed and strength of racing dogs in the spirit of Alaska. Breathtaking landscapes and positive energy guaranteed!
Distance ca 8-10 km.
Overall duration of the program – with transportation from Ivalo ca 2,5 h
Duration of active “mushing” min 40 min (20 min per driver). Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult! Includes warm drinks in a warm hut.